Rabbits Factory ラビッツファクトリー


Rabbits Factoryは、インドで起業・ブランド立ち上げを試みるデザイナー達のアイデンティティです。ジュエリー、Webデザイン、アプリケーション、写真、映像等。インターネットを通じインドからグローバルにデザインを発信してゆきます。

Japanese made designs
from India.

Rabbits Factory is a group of Japanese designers in India focused on creating innovative Web Design, Jewelry Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, and Web Applications.

We have made our foundation in Japan and ventured out into India, simply because, we were curious. Now we are situated in the Garden City of India, Bangalore, in the search of world's richest, most colorful spices to our artists' imagination.

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